A good Corporate Swag is worth it's weight in gold

14/ 05/2020 Leoniek Burger

Have you ever heard of Corporate Swag? These are gifts that your company gives to customers and employees to show that you care about them and because they are important to you.


Deploying good Swag will lead to a stronger corporate culture and can convert employees into positive brand ambassadors. Investing in a high-quality swag will lead to extra brand experience and increase the awareness of your company. good swag will lead to long-term relationships if you use this to valued customers. But what are the golden rules when thinking of a good Swag?



1. Go for quality

Whether you choose a speaker, notebook, water bottle, pen or bag, the quality has to be good. It's nice to get a present, but it shouldn't fall apart after a week, stop working, or be thrown away. If you think carefully about which product can add value to your communication, the product will last a long time and you will ensure that your Swag lasts for years. Think how much value this can have?


2. Go for creativity

Think out of the box and out of the office. It is precisely outside the office that you create new and extra contact moments, such as a branded JBL speaker, friends and acquaintances will react enthusiastically if THEY take them to the park or beach. People like to take products that can be used frequently and use them sustainably.




3. Consider the details

Personalise the item or packaging with the name of your employee or customer. Add your own (postcard) card or pack in, for example, modern magnetic boxes for electronic items with an inlay or folding boxes printed in full colour. Thinking about details is motivating and shows that you really care about your relationships.


4. Your corporate culture

Let your company values, standards, rituals, and or symbols (company logos) come back in the Swag. Take a good look at your culture and find a suitable gift. The closer you can get to your corporate culture, the stronger the association will be in the long term.


Do you want to use a Corporate Swag yourself?

Our experienced designers with up-to-date marketing and communication knowledge offer you great added value, and our high degree of flexibility. In short, creation, communication and solutions. Leoprinting designs all your ideas, from simple design to a completely creative concept. Every day we work with a lot of passion, feeling and knowledge on the most diverse and challenging projects where the end result of your Swag is central.

Do you also need inspiration or help for a good idea, and do you want to process this into a Swag that everyone will love? Contact one of our sales staff to get acquainted, and to receive a quote without obligation