Leoprinting takes care

17/ 03/2020 Menno Wibier

And what now?


With the possibility that children may have to stay home, and employees are requested to work from home as much as possible, now what? The world seems to stand still for a moment, only we must continue. Soon all kinds of solutions will be devised, and it seems that everything may eventually continue as usual. 


Take the schools for example, it is wonderful to see that the teachers immediately across Europe have already found solutions to enable children to work at home. I see calls via social media to help each other where necessary, governments that take support measures and so on. Humans are a special creature that is not easily dismayed.


Fulfillment solutions


Leoprinting also offers solutions for your promotional products, making the process a lot easier. Now it comes down to unburdening and service. We can take care of your promotion from idea to product to final delivery to one or more addresses.


I will give an example; You want to support all your employees, customers and relations. Select your product, indicate which personalisation you want, think of the printing on the product itself, on the packaging or on the shipping box, even if you want the name of the recipient on each product, we have options for that. You provide us with the address list where this must be delivered, and we organize the rest for you.


Do you have any other wishes or ideas? Please contact us directly by phone, chat or email and discover what we can do for you.