Seed paper lets any relationship flourish

Are you looking for a unique way to announce an event, or would you like to thank customers for their purchases in an original way? Seed paper adds colour to your promotion. After all, what better way to get a message across than with flowers! Plant the seed and let your relationships blossom. Stop your search for a sustainable way to stand out and say it with flowers. Seed paper makes everyone happy!

What is seed paper?

Seed paper is the perfect sustainable solution for printing flyers, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, as well as product or clothing labels, packaging, door hangers, wristbands, and coasters. The paper is made of recycled material, such as old newspapers and cotton waste. Therefore, no tree needs to be cut down for this paper. And there is more: The paper contains flower seeds. In this way, a thank-you or a business message also becomes a gift for the garden. The recipient puts the paper into the soil or potting mix and will soon enjoy a bright and fragrant treat! Seed paper is available in (almost) all shapes and sizes. Seed paper products can be composed of different flower seeds and personalised with your logo or a catchy message.

The advantages of seed paper

When you think of sustainable promotion - entirely in the style of your company, product or event - you can't really ignore seed paper. Seed paper has only advantages. The recycled paper is also completely biodegradable. Perfect when you want to stand out green and colourful with your company. The recipient 'plants' the paper and thus makes your promotion flourish. With seed paper, you make a wonderful green gesture that everyone appreciates!

From thank-you to strategic choice

Seed paper can be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy in many ways. To create (environmental) awareness, attract more public attention, or thank existing customers. Whatever the purpose, seed paper is an excellent way to stand out in a sustainable way.
  • Extra attention for e-commerce customers

How do you convey a physical store's unique atmosphere and experience through a webshop? With a card made of seed paper! Riviera Maison was looking for a fun way to thank all online customers for their orders. Of course, entirely in the sustainable and responsible style of 'feel good' and 'home' of the interior specialist. View the project case.  
  • A sustainable card in line with the brand identity

A card made of seed paper can be not only a cheerful thank-you gift, but also a practical addition to a webshop. The company Phia, for example, uses seed paper cards to encourage customers to share their experiences with the company. Also, a QR code is printed on the seed paper; whoever scans this code receives extra online attention in the form of a free e-book. The choice of lavender seeds with the lilac colour is a conscious one for the company - the attention is entirely in line with the Phia identity and corporate identity. View the project case.
  • Bookmark as an appropriate business gift

Clavis Publishing was looking for an appropriate promotional gift to thank bookshops for purchasing books. ''Totally in line with our products, we have chosen a bookmark of seed paper on the advice of Leoprinting'' says Laura from Clavis Publishing. The matching thank-you note was provided with a full-colour personalisation. View the project case.
  • Flyer for eye-catching promotion

To promote the Berlin International Film Festival, the organisation chose an original, sustainable flyer made of seed paper distributed during the film festival in Cannes. View the project case.
  • Business cards for creating (environmental) awareness

Bavarian Botanist, a German producer of organic food and beverages, was looking for environmentally friendly business cards that would live up to the company's ecological mission in word and gesture. The company opted for business cards made entirely of ecological seed paper with mint seeds. Conscious, surprising, totally in line with the new brand and product, and a real attention-getter. "An important goal for our company is to create awareness," says David Hess, Managing Director of Bavarian Botanist. "The business cards are a sustainable way of promotion, which also contributes to  environmentally responsible entrepreneurship." View the project case.

How does seed paper work?

Don't have a green thumb? No problem. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and the high-quality seeds will do the rest.

Seed paper in a pot:

Step 1: Soak the seed paper in a bowl of water for 72 hours.
Step 2: Are you planting seed paper in a pot? Fill 2/3 of the pot with composted potting soil. Cover the paper with a small layer of soil.
Step 3: Water seed paper regularly and make sure the paper is always moist.
Step 4: Let it grow! Your flowers will germinate within four to eight weeks (depending on temperature and environment).

Seed paper in the garden:

Step 1: You can spread seed paper in the garden in spring or early summer. Choose a sunny spot, plant the seeds in the soil and cover the seed paper with a layer of soil.
Step 2: Keep the soil moist until germination, so water regularly.
Step 3: When plants and flowers are sturdy enough, water the seed paper as needed. 
Note: seed paper often has a mix of flower seeds. Flowers each have their own sprouting and flowering moment so that you can enjoy this colourful gift throughout the flowering season!

Add colour to your promotion

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to stand out from the crowd? Or do you want to share an involved sustainable message with visitors, colleagues, or business relations? Convey your message with seed paper! There are many ways to print seed paper with your promotional message, company logo, or to advertise an event or product. From leaflets to flower cards and from coasters to clothing tags. No matter how you want your message to bloom, with seed paper, you make your world and the world of your business relations a little more sustainable and beautiful.