The use of seed paper in these top 6 industries

Seed paper is an innovative and eco-friendly promotional tool that can be customised in all shapes and sizes, for virtually any industry and with any message. From software companies to the events industry: the applications for our clients are endless. In this blog, we explain how seed paper is used in these top six industries.

Seed paper offers numerous benefits for your company. It not only enhances your sustainable image and sets you apart from competitors but also has a lasting impact. Customers, visitors, employees, or relations can enjoy the flowers that grow from the seed paper, keeping your brand in their minds. Additionally, giving duurzame relatiegeschenken can increase loyalty between you and customers, partners, and employees. Finally, duurzame relatiegeschenken made of seed paper attract attention and impress the recipient, leading to positive word-of-mouth and more exposure for your brand. Discover how companies in these five industries grow their brand with the help of seed paper.


1. Events Industry

In the events industry, seed paper is often used for creating personalised invitations, flyers, and programmes. Additionally, seed paper wristbands, key cords, and bottle hangers are also popular. These promotional products are not only appreciated by the recipients but also contribute to the sustainability goals of events. Seed paper provides an eco-friendly solution that leaves a lasting impression on participants and visitors.


2.Industrial Companies

With the growing focus on environmental preservation, seed paper offers industrial companies, such as energy companies, software companies, and automotive companies, a unique opportunity to showcase their commitment to green innovations. Seed paper helps promote a positive and eco-conscious image. The sustainable paper leaves no waste but grows into flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Industrial companies often use seed paper for business cards, (door) hangers, flyers, or custom shapes for trade shows and events, contributing to a sustainable brand experience.


Seed paper - Groeipapier BMW Mini Leoprinting-900x600


3. Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations use promotional products made of seed paper mainly as part of fundraising and awareness campaigns. Seed paper in various forms; from coasters to postcards and from bookmarks to flyers, is used as promotional material, duurzame relatiegeschenken, or thank-you gifts. These creative products attract the attention of potential donors and visitors and highlight the eco-conscious image of the organisation, which can lead to increased engagement from the target audience.


seedpapercoasters-earthday_900x600 (2)


4. Real Estate Industry

In the real estate industry, seed paper is increasingly being used as an innovative and sustainable marketing tool. Real estate agents and developers use seed paper to create business cards, brochures, and promotional materials that are informative and contribute to a green image. These items can be personalised with company logos and project information and can grow into flowers, herbs, or vegetables after use. This provides a tangible reminder of projects and highlights the real estate sector's commitment to eco-friendly actions.


Seed paper - Groeipapier real estate Leoprinting-900x600


5. Hotels

In hotels, sustainability is promoted through the use of printed door hangers, coasters, and custom shapes made from seed paper. These items create a sustainable experience for guests, who can take the seed paper product as a 'green' souvenir. Seed paper can be composed of various seeds and personalised with the hotel's logo or an appropriate message, contributing to an eco-friendly image.


Seed paper shapes


6. Retail

Stores and online retailers integrate seed paper primarily into their promotional materials and packaging solutions. Product labels and tags are also used to highlight a product's sustainability. Because customers can grow the seed paper into flowers or herbs after purchase, this adds a unique and eco-friendly element to the shopping and buying experience. This promotes a positive image and customer loyalty by supporting the store's green initiatives.


Seed paper Groeipapier in eigen vorm



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