Go off the beaten track: viral with clothing

29/ 03/2018 Leoprinting Marketing, News

Last year, the typical Dutch snack bar chain FEBO announced the arrival of a limited edition clothing line through a teaser video. Many newspapers and the RTL news TV news picked up on this.


Many people thought it was a hoax, but the collection was really put on the market! Die-hard FEBO fans can therefore parade around in this "greasy" look: an original FEBO outfit complete with slippers. Striking is the multifunctional Grip-shirt®; with warming compartment for snacks 'on the go' and practical wipe zone for your hands!

Dennis de Borst, FEBO director writes on the Febo website: "After 75 years of FEBO it was time for a clothing collection! We have made the collection especially for our fans. It is the ultimate way to seal your love for FEBO. The items are strongly inspired by football, football and snacking is inextricably linked. " Who would have thought, the typical Dutch snack bar chain Febo with its own clothing line: "The FEBO Limited Edition Collection" and sells these clothes on their website! Limited Edition Collection indicates: these are collectors’ items! Take a good look at the video to learn more about the smart details of this clothing line.

[vimeo 230758879 w=640 h=360]

Febo kleding winkel Shop on the FEBO website

The Zeeman look...

The Zeeman store chain, known for its low-cost clothing line, also stigmatized their clothing and extensively picked up the news. So you could already go for a beautiful wedding dress for € 29.95, for a wedding dress this is an unbelievable price.

Zeeman trouwjurk Zeeman trouwjurk

[vimeo 154057920 w=640 h=360]


The smart approach to this action was to focus on a USP from Zeeman: good quality for a low price. Regarding the clothing line in the authentic Zeeman look: a collector’s item is a T-shirt that you could even get for free, followed by the free Boxer (underpants).

I saw my colleague walking proudly through the office with his Zeeman socks this week!

Zeeman sokken

 Zeeman T-shirt Free Zeeman T-shirt