Business gifts for the spring season

14/ 04/2022 Dianne Marketing, News

Spring has arrived, and with it, the outdoor season. About time to spend more time outside again! We have selected the best promotional products and gifts for you, perfectly suited for spring. The items are handy, innovative, as environmentally friendly as possible, and guaranteed to draw your employees', business associates' and larger environments' attention to your brand. Order and print on one of the spring gifts separately, or combine several spring items for a unique (theme) package.


Biodegradable poncho

New in our assortment and ideal for the upcoming event season: this 100% biodegradable poncho made of corn! The reusable poncho is much more durable than a plastic poncho made from starch leftovers from corn production. Therefore, even if the capes are left behind, for example, at an event, the product will dissolve on its own without harming the environment since these carbon-neutral promotional spring gifts are fully compostable.

Cotton tote bag

Whether for daily shopping or a beach day, this tote bag is always useful and makes your brand visible to your target group for a long time. A fantastic giveaway for regular customers, like a price for a win action or as luxury reusable packaging of your product. Would you like to inspire your clients and associates with sustainable spring gifts? Then don't miss out on our 'Impact Aware' bags. These cotton bags are made of recycled materials, and their production requires considerably less water than the production of regular cotton bags.
Blog image canvas bag_Leoprinting-Max-Quality-jpg

Trendy drinking bottle

Are you familiar with the extremely popular thermos flasks of the Belgian brand Kambukka? Have the flasks personalized to make them the ideal spring gift for your employees or business relations! Besides your company's logo, you can also print your employees' names on the refreshing spring gifts! The thermos will keep tea or coffee hot and cool drinks cold for hours! Want to know more?
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Let the outdoor season begin 

Printed serving boards are the ideal eye-catcher for the hospitality industry, but also for your home or office! Not only visible to the user but also all the other people at the table. A very functional spring gift and sustainable, too, if you go for the bamboo version. Let the outdoor season begin!

Seed paper as a sustainable way of saying thank-you 

Seed paper cards are very popular ecological thank-you gifts and are nowadays often included in online orders from webshops. Seed paper can be personalized to match the look and feel of your company. With a printed QR code, they complete the cross-media communication by bridging online and offline. Seed Paper can be composed of different seeds. With these business gifts for spring, you add some colour to spring!
Blog image seedpaper_Leoprinting.jpg

JBL speaker: the sounds of spring!

At home, in the office, in the park, or on holiday: a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gadget to let your employees or associates know that you appreciate them. In addition to personalizing the speaker with your company logo, you can give the gift an original touch by creating a playlist with songs reflecting your brand or company, as our client Gradient did. A promotional spring that sounds like music in one's ears. Success guaranteed!

Promotional spring gift: Sprout pencils 

This pencil doesn't only write, but it also grows! On the top, the Sprout pencil contains a capsule with seeds. When inserting the pencil into the ground, flowers or herbs quickly bloom. This unique pencil is available in four different types of seeds: basil, cherry tomato, sunflower, or Myosotis. 
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A spring gift as an original catch-up

A playful catch-up to the outdoor (sports) season: a skipping rope! Challenge employees or business relations to get active. Either individually, or by challenging them to compete against each other in a self-invented competition. 

Stand out from the crowd

It may be spring, but a storm umbrella is never an unnecessary luxury around here. A high-quality umbrella can be used for years and repeatedly showcases your brand - not only to the users but also to their environment. With this promotional spring gift, it will be raining promotion.

Last but not least… 

As you can see, there are no limits when it comes to spring gifts. However, Leoprinting offers promotional products and gifts for every season: From promotional spring gifts and unique Easter gifts to promotional summer and winter gifts. Do you want to work on your company's, brand's, or event's visibility all around the year? Or are you looking for the perfect thank-you gift for satisfied customers, loyal employees, or valued relations? Leoprinting makes your brand strong. Discover our unique and durable promotional gifts tailored to your company!