Moleskine's clever sales strategy

For years, Moleskine notebooks and calendars have been immensely popular. Especially for many creative professionals, notebooks from the world-famous brand are their go-to notebooks. But where does this popularity come from? Spoiler alert: it is no coincidence. 

How a good story sells itself

Moleskine's origins date back to the 1980s. At that time, the production of black notebooks was discontinued, making dark notebooks increasingly scarce. This made the Italian design company Modo & Modo in Milan decide to produce black notebooks under the name Moleskine. Since famous creatives like Picasso, van Gogh, Chatwin, and Hemingway used similar notebooks, celebrities were deliberately made part of Moleskine's sales strategy. And with success: to this day, Moleskine is associated with these writers and artists.

A book that was never written

With the slogan "A book that was never written," blank Moleskine notebooks were strategically placed in bookshops like Barnes & Noble in the 1990s. Again, a strategic move by Moleskine. If fans of Hemingway and Picasso, or creatives and artists, associate the Moleskine brand with their heroes, they are likely to enjoy visiting places where the celebrities might be today.

Moleskine's journey: an artsy lifestyle

As a nod to Chatwin and his love for the notebooks he took with him on his travels, Moleskine notebooks are still sold in places such as airports, train stations, and hotels. Not surprising, Moleskine notebooks today are mostly in the hands of designers, architects, and travel writers. In recent years, the artistic Italian designer has expanded this vision by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand with the sale of Moleskine pens, pencils, bags, and tablet cases. Part of the reason for this expansion has been to maintain the brand's relevance in a technology-driven world.

Excellent quality, durably coloured

For fans of the world-famous brand, the love for Moleskine isn't solely based on a good story: Also at Leoprinting, we can tell that Moleskine notebooks are made of excellent quality. The notebook is robust, contains acid-free paper with FSC label and is therefore durable. Accordingly, you will be able to enjoy your notebook for a very long time, and the chance of ink from a pen leaking through to the back of a page is minimal. On top of that, Moleskine fans also praise the colour of the pages in the notebooks.

What can we learn from this sales strategy?

Moleskine not only brought a quality product to the market, but it especially created a strong story. A story that is kept alive to this day by selling to a niche audience of creative professionals. And a story that continues to inspire. That's why Leoprinting's assortment features not only Moleskine notebooks but also Moleskine planners, diaries, sketchbooks, and the possibility to print on journals and Moleskine calendars. Classy, stylish, and - above all - practical promotional gifts with a 'historical' message.
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