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Printing isn’t all about squares. Die cutting products, such as a writing pad, a book, a notebook or a note pad are more striking and accessible if they are shaped to fit your product or corporate identity. What about a rubber duck for a sanitary shop or a bone for a dog food manufacturer? Just[...]

When looking for a corporate identity I advise you to get inspired by art. Therefore, I regularly pay attention to an artist or art movement in my blog. This edition is about Maurits Cornelis Escher: a Dutch graphic artist who let water stream up high, turned birds into fish, made hands drew each[...]

It started last year with a simple “hi” on Canal Street in New York… Which then turned into a Post-it war in Lower Manhattan. Copies of Spider Man, Angry Birds and Andy Warhol and several text messages decorated the office windows. Not only in yellow, but in all colours of the rainbow. The first[...]

How important is a font in a design? It is important to know every graphic designer. With a font you communicate intuitively, at first sight, just like a photo.

Sometimes inventions can just happen, without thought... as was the case with the Post-it.

Pinterest "The Ideas Catalog for Everyone" is perhaps undervalued among the advertising designers. Looking for inspiration, you can encounter interesting bulletin boards. Here's an example: I looked at Andy Warhol and discovered such a beautifully organized presentation of his work for[...]

The Apple logo is world-renowned with billions of people who recognize this at first glance. But who designed the logo and where does the logo originate from anyway? There are many stories about the origin of the apple with the bite out.

A question for you: Who invented the icons ....? I was thinking the Egyptians in their hieroglyphics .... After a little research I found out that these hieroglyphs for example, a falcon or a serpent letters and just when our alphabet to express sounds.

Inspiration in your corporate identity? Then look no further than Art, as you will find occasionally in my blog the significance and impact of an art style or artist. This blog is about a graffiti painter from New York who became world famous!

Instagram, is the insanely popular app used on mobile phones and tablets for sharing photographs and has an interesting link with the good old Polaroid camera from the last century.