Inspiration of Mondriaan

08/ 09/2017 Leoprinting Marketing

When looking for a corporate identity, I advise you to get inspired by art. That’s why I regularly focus on an artist or an art movement in my blog. This edition is about Piet Mondriaan (Amersfoort, March 7, 1872 – New York, February 1 1944).

Mondriaan Mondriaan


Mondriaan was a revolutionary and a genius! He is often regarded as a pioneer of abstract art. It’s interesting to discover how Mondriaan developed from a talented figurative painter to his later geometrical-abstract art, characterized by horizontal and vertical black lines and primary colours. His art style, famous all over the world, is an inspiration for many architects and designers of applied art, including graphic designers. He was one of the most important employees of magazine ‘De Stijl’ and developed his own art theory, which he called ‘The new plastic in painting’ or ‘neoplasticism’.

Mondriaan Early work of Mondriaan: ‘Oostzijdse mill along the river Gein by moonlight’, c. 1903

A summary of his life

Mondriaan was involved in the arts from an early age. He finished his studies at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam in 1895. After graduating, he lived in Domburg and Uden and mostly painted landscapes. At age 39, he changed his life drastically and moved to France. In Paris, he meets internationally renowned artists, writers and intellectuals. They inspired him and his paintings became more abstract. In 1938, shortly before the second World War, Mondriaan fled to London. He didn’t feel safe there as well and travelled to New York two years later. His most famous painting, ‘Victory Boogie Woogie’, was created here. He never finished the painting. After his death in 1944, his painting stood unfinished on his easel.

The Hague celebrates 100 years of Mondriaan and ‘De Stijl’

In 2017 it will be 100 years since the birth of art movement ‘De Stijl’. The Gemeentemuseum in The Hague owns the largest collection of Mondriaan and ‘De Stijl’ art worldwide. It’s nice to see several shop windows have been decorated in Mondriaan style. If you want to admire the paintings of this genius in real life, The Hague is the place to go. Until September 25th you can visit the exposition ‘The discovery of Mondriaan’. A good opportunity to check some of his art that normally can only be enjoyed abroad.

Mondriaan is sure to inspire you!

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