Diaries and Calendars on paper still popular

I personally find a paper diary much more satisfying than a digital one. This is even more true for a calendar. Some calendars are still very popular because of their beautiful images. A good diary or calendar has character and gives a good impression. For a printed calendar, everyone can easily view it and have an overview of what is going to happen in a certain period.

The paper diary and calendar remain popular alongside the electronic version on the smartphone or computer. A survey of nearly 3,000 people shows that 68% of the interviewees use a paper agenda or calendar, often next to the digital version on a smartphone.

agenda pagina A paper diary has also enough space for notes

Clearly plan the week

The advantage of paper calendars and planners is that you are not dependent on a device. If you write something down, it will also be better anchored in your memory. In addition, you have a better overview with a paper diary or calendar, you see everything at a glance. With digital planners you often have to scroll because, for example, with a week overview the letters become too small and therefore unreadable.With a paper diary you can start right away. This is more complicated with many electronic diary’s and planners.

Diary as a journal

The nice thing about a paper diarys is that you can use it for many more things, especially if you have an diary with a note page. A good idea is to write the highlights of the day in the diary, then you will get a kind of journal in the course of time. Handy if you want to look back and it is also very clear in this way. Usually after a week you often forget what you did at the beginning of that week. After a while it is nice to have a look at the diary or calendar once again. It is also great when you are on the phone, for example, to draw sketches and ideas in your diary. Between the pages of the diary you can easily insert receipts, some have a pocket for it.

agenda met informatie pagina's A diary has information pages: here the time zones

Benefits of a paper diary

• A paper agenda makes a good presentation and is more personal
• Paper is safe, it will not crash
• A diary is easier to fill and can be used as a journal
• You can personalize and use a paper diary / calendar as a promotional giftIn addition, unlike many digital calendars, you have a quick overview of all your appointments with a paper agenda and you will soon see when you still have room for appointments.

agenda met blindpreeg agenda with a subtle debossing on the cover

LeoBook Diaries

Choose a diary that suits you and your company, or as a promotional gift. In the Leobook collection of 2019 there are various types of cover materials such as denim and imitation leather. Each diary can be personalized with, for example, a personalized logo or personal name. Promoting your brand or message for 365 days.

My advice for a print on the cover: keep it subdued. With an eye-catching print it is likely that the intended user does not use the agenda.

In addition to the choice between a daily or weekly agenda, each calendar contains information pages with holiday periods, time zones and a monthly calendar. This way you and your relations with these useful overviews enter the new year! The LeoBook calendars run from August 2018 to December 2019 so you can start using the calendar almost immediately. With the choice of three different layouts, you and your customers start the new year in perfectly organized style! With a high circulation, it is even possible to have a custom printed agenda printed with, for example, advertising and promotional pages.

It is now time to order calendars and calendars for 2019 and have them printed and make sure you get what you want. Ask a Leoprinting advisor about the possibilities!