Trade shows and events are up and running again! At Leoprinting, we noticed this to be accompanied by a shift in the popularity of giveaways f or trade shows. The necessity for brands to establish a personal connection with customers has never been greater. Therefore, many companies are investing[...]

Spring has arrived, and with it, the outdoor season. About time to spend more time outside again! We have selected the best promotional products and gifts for you, perfectly suited for spring. The items are handy, innovative, as environmentally friendly as possible, and guaranteed to draw your[...]

Many people use a diary, to-do lists and notebooks to keep their work organised, but when they need to find something, it turns out not to be as clear as they thought. I was also someone who made many different notes and to-do lists in several notebooks and loose papers. Meanwhile, I had lost track[...]

How do you send your products, catalogues or gifts? Do you deliver your products in a blank cardboard box, or do you opt for customised shipping packaging with a personalised print? The choice you make determines how you will be received as a sender.So do you want to be appreciated and make an[...]

Have you ever heard of Corporate Swag? These are gifts that your company gives to customers and employees to show that you care about them and because they are important to you.

With the announced 'road map', the relaxations have been initiated. For example, contact professions such as hairdressers and beauty salons return to work and some outdoor sports are allowed again. From 1 July, the restaurants, theatres, cinemas and museums will reopen partially and public[...]

After long discussions and meetings, you have decided what the new marketing objectives should be. How are you going to approach that customer, prospect, what are you going to give away, how are you going to present the product or service?

And what now?

With the possibility that children may have to stay home, and employees are requested to work from home as much as possible, now what? The world seems to stand still for a moment, only we must continue. Soon all kinds of solutions will be devised, and it seems that everything may[...]

Many companies use Seed Paper (also called Growth Paper or Plantable Paper) for their direct marketing to reach their target group in a positive way.Good direct Marketing is attractive and has a strong impact, and now there is even an environmentally conscious solution to promote your message. Seed[...]

The Shell logo is iconic, with a red-yellow logo that everyone recognizes immediately and fits in the series of famous logos such as Coca Cola, Philips, Mercedes and McDonald's. The scallop shell is invaluable and is therefore cherished and guarded. The logo is so strong that, like for example[...]