The origin of The Spirit of Ecstasy, the famous figurine on the bonnet of a Rolls Royce, is a story that can be taken from the gossip columns of London's high society. It's about wealthy aristocrats, mini-lessons and hidden adventures.

Alois Senefelder, a Bavarian graphic artist discovered stone printing and lithography in 1798. He brings the world the ultimate technology for printing images quickly, massively and economically. From 1837 onwards, this can also be done in colour. This created the poster. In the UK but also[...]

I personally find a paper diary much more satisfying than a digital one. This is even more true for a calendar. Some calendars are still very popular because of their beautiful images. A good diary or calendar has character and gives a good impression. For a printed calendar, everyone can easily[...]

If you want to create a design or an image for blog posts, social media or online ads, you do not need to obtain a graphic design degree. Of course not everyone has the same feeling for it, but the funny thing is that rather an authentic design or image, a super smooth ironed design or a slick[...]

Storytelling is one of the latest trends in marketing land. Storytelling is about conveying a message based on a story. By telling your story, the chances are not only greater that you reach people, but the message you want to proclaim will have more dwelling time. Brand messages that have been[...]

Looking for a house style? I advise that you to get inspired by art. For this reason, I regularly refer to artists or an art style in my blogs.

Yearly Pantone announces the "Pantone Colour of the year" as if it were "Miss World 2018" or "Car of the Year". The colour specialist deals with it as if they invented the colour itself. This year it has become the colour Pantone 2096. This is the colour number for printing inks. For fashion and[...]

Last year, the typical Dutch snack bar chain FEBO announced the arrival of a limited edition clothing line through a teaser video. Many newspapers and the RTL news TV news picked up on this.

Unboxing is a hit on YouTube. It indicates how important the packaging is for a product. The packaging is an important part of the product experience ("customer journey"). Some products really need it, such as perfume. Why else would you pay an extortionate amount for some odours. Without the[...]

Behind every company that have endured the centuries is usually a nice story. This also applies to the well-known brewery of beer in Ireland: Guinness.