The three main factors of a Font: readability, how economical is the letter with space and what does the font in your subconscious give? A few fonts are used extensively. It is true that many letters have been going on for decades, in some cases for centuries ...

Initially, writing was laboriously copied by hand when someone wanted to copy for example a book. Therefore, many scriptures and books only had a few copies. These were extremely valuable because of the effort and time it took to produce them. The writing was often lavishly decorated by hand and[...]

Instagram is full of pretty pictures. A beautiful photo is what it’s all about. But why do some posts get so many likes, while others disappoint? It’s not that simple, you can’t just say “good images succeed, bad images don’t”. Even amazing pictures can fail completely. A couple of suggestions[...]

When looking for a corporate identity, I advise you to get inspired by art. That’s why I regularly focus on an artist or an art movement in my blog. This edition is about Piet Mondriaan (Amersfoort, March 7, 1872 – New York, February 1 1944).

The tulip, one of the Netherlands’ most famous national symbols, is a popular product all over the world. Nowadays, tulips are available everywhere, but this was different around 1600. Originally from Turkey, the tulip was already cultivated in the Netherlands by that time. It was a rare flower.[...]

A graphic designer has a wide range of possibilities to put the finishing touch on a product. Clients are often not aware of this and take everything as it comes. To inspire everyone to produce a beautifully finished product, this blog is about print refinement.

The hash symbol can be found on keyboards of computers or phones. It was already visible on antique mechanical writing machines. For decades, you can find the symbol on the 3 key. Take a look at this IBM keyboard from 1984.

Pantone Inc. became famous by selling the Pantone colour. Before the company introduced their Colour Matching System (PMS) in 1963 there was no colour standard in the printing industry. Pantone originally produced colour charts for cosmetic companies. In 1962 employee Lawrence Herbert bought[...]